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Byers on the way back!

Before we look at Byers' return a couple of notes on the Offensive line that I have seen in various places.

After Tuesday's scrimmage it was apparent that there were some issues with O line that needed to addressed and fast one of those was the ball exchange between center and QB. QB's and centers worked together for about 30 minutes trying to work out the kinks. I don't have to tell you how important this is because if O'Dowd were to go down again it could be an issue.

Derek Simmons moved from the defensive line to the offensive line to shore up the depth.

Michael Reardon will undergo a series of cortisone and plasma injections to address the torn labrum in his hip. I mentioned the other day that when I will a more in depth look at at this injury when I return from vacation but I will say this. I don't see cortisone injections will help and he will end up undergoing surgery to fix the tear. its more than just about the pain but the long term issues Reardon faces if he doesn't get the tear reparied.

On to Byers...

So, they finally found what was ailing Byers that caused him to have an enlarged spleen...Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.

Byers contracted Rocky Mountain spotted fever, which is caused by tick bites, when he returned home to Fort Collins, Colo., earlier in the offseason to attend his sister’s wedding. The ailment is treatable with antibiotics.

Byers underwent a battery of tests and even gave a bone marrow sample before finding out what was wrong Tuesday night. The news came as a relief.

“They tested him for all kinds of things,” USC coach Pete Carroll said. “There were some days in there, waiting for results, when it was pretty tenuous.”

“It’s great news,” Byers said. “We’ve still got to wait for the spleen to shrink a little more before they’re going to really let me start going crazy, but today’s a step in the right direction, no question.”

This is more common than you think and is easily treated especially when compared to Lime disease.

This great news finally getting Byers back into playing shape. his experience will go a long way to finally settling things down on the O Line. His leadership will be key to setting up some protection for whomever starts under center.