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Something isn't right here...

Just caught this over on Wolf's blog.

Point guard Angelo Johnson was academically disqualified from USC, which means the Trojans' APR score will take a hit. Johnson is looking at Baylor (one of his top choices with USC), Southern Miss (coached by Tim Floyd's best friend in coaching, Larry Eustachy) and Oregon State.

Johnson is back in Minnesota with his family. By the way, USC's spokespeople never did get around answering what Johnson's status was.

I guess I'm confused. It was reported last week that that Johnson wanted to transfer because Tim Floyd wouldn't guarantee a starting spot but now there s an academic issue? Why was he disqualified?

Was he in jeopardy of being an academic casualty? Was his demand for a starting job, knowing he wasn't going to get it, just an excuse because he wasn't going to qualify for next season. I realize its a conspiracy theory on my part but what would you think? How does one become academically disqualified?

If anyone knows something different please let me know...Like I said, I guess I'm just confused.

UPDATE: Here is an update from Ben Bolch via All Things Trojan.

Angelo Johnson would have been academically eligible to play had he chose to return to USC this fall, said associate athletic director Magdi El Shahawy, and the departure of the sophomore point guard will likely have a negligible affect on the team's Academic Progress Rate.

Shahawy said if every player stays eligible this year, the Trojans could attain a 980 APR, which would raise their four-year score to "well over 900." USC lost two scholarships during the 2007-08 season because its four-year APR score of 863 was below the minimum acceptable threshold of 925.

USC cannot attain a perfect APR score this season because Johnson's grade-point average was less than 2.6 at the time of his transfer, said one high-ranking academic official who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to publicly discuss student grades. Johnson passed all of his summer school classes but did not fare particularly well, the official said.

Still Greek to me....