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A Little Thin at Receiver?

USC has 8 Wide receivers in the roster for 2008. Four of them sat out practice this morning.

So much for USC having too many wide receivers.

Four of the Trojans’ unofficial top eight sat out practice Monday morning: Vidal Hazelton (finger, hand, ankle), Ronald Johnson (groin), Jordan Cameron (ankle) and Brice Butler (ankle).

Butler has been out since last week; USC coach Pete Carroll said he expected the other three to return “in a couple of days.” He isn’t inclined to rush anyone back with the season opener still more than two weeks away.

“If you push these guys through this, then they can last a long time,” Carroll said. “So we’re going to back off. We’ve got plenty of guys to get the reps.”

Last year it was the RB's this year it's the WR's. Bumps and dings are expected as teams get into top playing form and they are even more common at USC's "high speed- low drag" practices. I have no doubt that we will have all available hands on deck on Aug 30th but it just goes to sho you that you can never have too much top talent.

And with what I read earlier today Hazelton is the last one who should be trash talking if he is having problems staying healthy...

We hear that one of the remarks that precipated Joe McKnight throwing a punch at Vidal Hazelton was when Hazelton asked McKnight and Stafon Johnson, ``How many of you are starting? You both say you're starting. How is that possible?'

Wolf's snarkiness aside we have already heard Pete Carroll discuss his rotation for the running backs so he needs to just let it go and stop trying to out think the experts. Hazelton has a long way to go before he can call ANYONE out...

Just sayin'.