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Same as it ever was...

One of things that has made SC such a powerhouse in recent years is the level of competitiveness that is a constant part of the program. From the top down those who compete and perform are the ones that make on the field so it shouldn't surprise anyone that SC's practices are as about as intense as they can get without actually being a real game.

So it really shouldn't surprise anybody that we see a number of pre-season injuries before we even get though the first week. Off the top of my head, other than the injury to Sanchez, here is where we are with injuries.

  • Tailback Marc Tyler sat out practice with a mild concussion
  • Defensive end Trey Henderson has a swollen knee
  • Cornerback T.J. Bryant has soreness/skin irritation from his gear
  • Receiver Brice Butler has an ankle sprain
  • Linebacker Luthur Brown sore back
  • Jeff Byers enlarged spleen due to illness

Obviously some of these are unexpected like Byers' and Bryant's but the others don't surprise me with how Pete Carroll runs the show. This is how its always been and as long as Pete Carroll is the coach at USC it will continue to be this way so those who are complaining about pre-season injuries need to get a grip. Yes its unfortunate but that is part of the price we pay for such a strong program.