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Bowden: Neuheisel, UCLA can challenge USC

Right...sure they will. Not in the foreseeable future.

Let me be clear...Terry Bowden hates USC. Terry Bowden never had and never will have the success of Pete Carroll and Terry Bowden can't find a decent coaching job. Instead, Terry Bowden jumps on the ucla band wagon.

(emphasis added)

There are other good teams in the league and there are definitely other good coaches, but when it comes to a school that has the heritage, coaching, and recruiting base to actually challenge Southern California on a consistent basis, I believe the only team that can do that is UCLA.

Those who argue that UCLA is a "basketball school" and therefore can't ever be great in football are ignoring the facts. The University of Florida has won a football championship and two basketball titles in the past three years and Ohio State wins consistently in both sports as well.

UCLA has won in football before and they have won big.

Over the past 25 years, UCLA has split its games evenly with USC at 12-12-1. I realize Southern Cal has won eight out of the last nine, but before that, the Bruins were dominant over the men of Troy winning eight straight. More importantly, UCLA is in the same geographical recruiting area as USC … and those are the most fertile recruiting grounds in America. There are more top division football recruits (over 200 in 2008) in the Los Angeles metropolitan area than in any other city in the U.S.

Heritage?? How? Boy, thats rich!

If I have said it once I will say it a hundred times...ucla is not a national power in football. They may have been a regional power but they are not considered a big-time football school. Not today.

I would agree that it is entirely possible for a program to be strong in both football and basketball but winning titles or being in the position to win titles is another matter and in the end that is what the fan base wants. Getting close is nice but at some point you need to get to the next level.

There are so many ways to pick apart this article that I don't know where to start. Bowden is comparing apples and oranges when comparing UF to tOSU let alone ucla. I don't recall tOSU winning a hoops title in the past 10 years but they have been competitive. UF may have won back-to-back basketball titles but they are long way from getting back to that level.

How have they, ucla, won big? Sure you can throw Donahue's record out there but he never won an MNC.

I think having Neuheisel across town will make things fun again but lets not get ahead ourselves. He is having a tough enough time just hanging onto recruits.