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Leland on the short list to succeed Hansen?

A quick blurb on it in today's NYT.

But one of the main questions here was who would replace Tranghese, one of the most respected leaders in college sports. The early consensus is that there is no consensus, unlike the Pac-10, which appears to be leaning toward hiring the former Stanford athletic director Ted Leland.

Here is Leland's Bio.

I don't enough about Leland to say if he is good or bad. All I really want is someone who is forward thinking and who will be willing to think and look outside the box when it comes to marketing the product of Pac-10 athletics. I still hope that David baker gets a look! If Leland is the pick he needs to hit the ground running as soon as he can!

We'll see...

(H.T. - Husky Football Blog)