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Home and Home Jerseys in 2009

There has been a lot of talk about getting USC and ucla getting back to the old tradition of wearing their home uniforms when they play each other.

That looks like it is a little closer to becoming reality, probably in 2009.

Two other times a Pac-10 recommendation was struck down to change the NCAA rule, which states one team must wear white jerseys to avoid confusion on the part of the officials.

However, this time the 13-member American Football Coaches Association rules committee has one of the Pac-10's own - Oregon coach Mike Bellotti - to help push the change through.

"We think we have a really good chance of it happening this time," said a UCLA official who asked not to be identified.

Currently, a team is charged a timeout at the beginning of each half for failing to comply with the rule. However, the rule may be rewritten to state the jerseys of each team must contrast, like UCLA's powder blue and USC's cardinal

I think it would be neat but it is not my top priority. So I will believe it when I see it.