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Brand wants a two-year rule

Just saw this over on

"My own view is there is an advantage to the one-and-done rule that's not often recognized, and it's similar to the kind of issues you face in the football Play It Smart approach. Namely, if a young man understands that in order to be eligible for the NBA Draft, he's going to have to go to college for a year and that means he's got to be admitted to college and eligible for college and he can't blow off high school."

He still doesn’t get it.

A lot of these kids could care less about an education. Brandon Jennings just thumbed his nose at the NCAA by signing in Italy, so you could make it a 3-year rule and it wouldn’t matter, at least to him. I agree with Brand’s position which he stated right after the Mayo story broke that you can’t pay players but until he finds a way to negotiate with the NBA to protect his players eligibility from scumbag agents who knowingly break the rules he will always be in a position of weakness.

David Stern could step up as well by making the rule 2 or 3 years if for nothing more to protect his future product. Until he works hand in hand with Brand and the NCAA its only going to get worse and the overall product will suffer.