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SMQ Goes Pro!

Earlier this evening I received word that SBN's own SMQ is moving to the big time!

SMQ announced it himself earlier this evening.

After a couple months of wary circling, swooped in and made and offer your poor, grad-schoolin' host could not refuse. The last post on Sunday Morning Quarterback will go up in a couple weeks, when I'll also let readers know where to find me for the upcoming season. Only hint: that place doesn't exist yet.

I actually have a pretty good idea where he will end up but I will wait to for SMQ to make that announcement.

SMQ has written some outstanding pieces over the past couple of years and it is only fitting that his strong work be rewarded. He has come a long way since that old Blogspot site and SBN was lucky to get him and I can think of no one more deserving of this opportunity. He follows in the footsteps of Spencer Hall/Orson Swindle who also made the transition to the big time.

SMQ will be missed in his current form but his vast knowledge and excellent fact gathering will be a tremendous asset where ever he ends up.

Congrats Matt!

We wish you the best of luck!!