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David Baker resigns as Arena Football Commish

I just heard him on Mike and Mike yesterday on the way into work. He did not hint that this was happening at all!

ESPN has the scoop.

Arena Football League commissioner David Baker surprisingly resigned Friday, two days before the ArenaBowl championship game.

Baker ended his 12 years on the job by telling the league's board of directors that he was stepping down. The 55-year-old Baker, who received a contract extension last year, simply told the board he felt it was "time."

Under Baker's leadership, the AFL has become a profitable league, including part ownership by ESPN. Its attendance, TV ratings and merchandise sales all have increased this year.

Baker said that Ed Policy, his deputy commissioner, will assume the commissioner's role while a committee seeks his successor.

"I've been thinking about it for a while. I never thought I would do this for the rest of my life," Baker told The Associated Press. "The league has never been stronger ... it gives me the opportunity to look into doing other things."

How about becoming Pac-10 Commissioner like I suggested last month.

Baker would be a GREAT choice. He understands marketing, he knows how to turn a profit and he knows how to negotiate.

God, please let it be so!!!!