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Mr. Happy Strikes Again!

Sometimes you just have to let go of the past.

Here's a quote from Pete Carroll that was posted earlier today on the running backs: ''It's never been a problem for us. It's a problem for everyone else that they can't figure out why we do it that way. You saw for years that Reggie (Bush) was the poster boy and Heisman Trophy winner. LenDale White set the record for Pac-10 touchdowns.''

Uh, well, there was that famous fourth-down play against Texas when Reggie Bush was not on the field at all and LenDale White got stuffed short of the first down.

That goes down as a ''problem'' for USC in our book and one time we couldn't ''figure out why (they) do it that way.''

I pretty much take an ambivalent approach to a lot things that Wolf writes. If he is right I will be the first to say it, if he is wrong or if I disagree I usually just let it pass without much thought or comment. There is no need to sling mud. He was right to call out the program after the Stanford loss last year and we fully agreed with his take. His emotion as an alum at that loss I thought actually humanized Wolf and showed how deeply he cares for the program. Some of the other cheap shots he has taken over the years leaves me scratching my head but to each his own.

The problem I have here is that Scott is only partially right. A lot of Monday Morning QB's wondered why Bush wasn't on the field. I can see the legitimacy of that question but if anyone was paying attention they ran that play all season without Bush on the field and the ran it with a lot of success that night in 2006 so why change when something works.

Trojan Football Analysis breaks that play down beautifully...GO READ THAT WRITE UP!

But to me here is the money quote from Art of Troy's breakdown.

If you think former offensive coordinator Norm Chow would have run a different play don't be so sure. Even Chow admits in this article about LenDale White that he would have run the same play. "Remember the Rose Bowl when Vince beat USC? There was a fourth-and-1, and Reggie Bush was on the sideline. That ought to tell you something. When I had them both at USC, I would have put Bush out there, but LenDale still would have gotten the ball".

I understand the thought process of using Bush as a decoy and at the time I felt the same way. But looking back on it SC had not done it in the past and Texas knew the ball was going to White just like it had all night in those situations and as Art notes it would have removed a blocker from the play. White even admitted the he didn't follow Matua's block, otherwise he gets the first down there easy. I actually think the two plays before the 4th-and-2 were much more important, the incomplete screen to Hancock which stopped the clock and Whites fumble that incredibly landed in Steve Smith's hands. Get a first down on either of those plays and it may have been a three-Pete.

I understand it is viewed as what could have been but it isn't changing a thing.

Its time to let this go and move on.