Pac 10 Media Day Around the Net

From ESPN's Pac 10 blog:

Pete Carroll weighs in from Pac-10 media day.

The schedule, which includes a marquee matchup with Ohio State:

"It's games like this that make us."

Obviously highlight OOC games have really become a part of USC's yearly schedule under Pete Carroll, and I think we can all agree has helped USC become one of the elite team of the 2000's

From UCLA coach Rick Neuheisel,

How do you deal with the specter that is USC?

"I think you have to embrace. They are that elephant in the living room. They have earned it. They have done an unbelievable job.  You can't be the head football coach at UCLA and not find a way to compete successfully with USC. You have to fight them on every corner."

Would Dorrell have been fired after 06-07 if not for 13-9? Guerrero probably would have kept him one more year but who really knows for sure.

Cal coach Jeff Tedford weighs in from Pac-10 media day:

The QB competition between Nate Longshore and Kevin Riley:

"We'll pick a starter probably the week of the first game... It may take both of them to help us reach our goals...They are both going to get some game time."

Its nice to have depth at quarterback, but I think its important to know who the leader is. I guess we'll find out which method is better as the season goes on. Interesting storyline regardless.

From the Oregon Live Blog:

From Stanford Coach Jim Harbaugh:

"I feel something special going on with our team, things I'm hearing, things I'm seeing," he said. "I don't know if I've ever been as excited for a football season as this one.

I sincerely think last year's game was a fluke, but Stanford did beat Cal to close the season and had beaten Arizona earlier on. Is it possible Stanford rises closer to the middle of the Pac 10 this year?

Finally, from the LA Times:

Washington QB Jake Locker on USC versus Ohio State:

The sophomore compared Ohio State linebacker James Laurinaitis, a returning All-American and Bronko Nagurski Trophy winner, with his counterparts at USC -- Rey Maualuga and Brian Cushing.

"Laurinaitis was pretty fast," Locker said. "He played sideline to sideline."

Locker compared his style most closely to Cushing's. He thought Maualuga was slightly different.

"Rey was a little bigger," he said. "He comes up and hits you hard."

Interesting, to say the least, and I don't really think i need to add any commentary. Huge credit to whichever reporter thought to ask about this.

I recommend visiting the ESPN blog as there are a lot of fun quotes from all of the coaches across the league. Now that July is coming to a close Football season is right around the corner. Fight On and beat the Cavaliers!


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