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Wood Guarantees ND will Beat USC the Next 3 Years

OK, I'll Bite.

From Rivals:

"We are going to be good and Notre Dame football will be back. And I guarantee that we will beat USC the next three years."

I don't if I should admire the kids ballsy attitude or if I should feel sorry for him for his clear misunderstanding of just where Notre Dame is on the map of late. seems to think that this is just the thing they need

Now, I know some old time fans won’t like that kind of talk - especially from a high school recruit, but if you ask me, this is EXACTLY the type of attitude that Notre Dame has been missing for years. It’s also the exact attitude that Notre Dame needs more of in order to get back amongst the nation’s elite. We need more players who aren’t afraid of playing schools like USC and who have the confidence in themselves to be able to make such claims.

For the most part we don't bang on ND out of general respect, even though their coach is an arrogant p***k who has probably cheated in the past. They have been great rivals with a great fan base. They have fallen on tough times and I have no doubt that at some point they will be back. Mr. Wood should be careful of what he says because he just might get paid back in spades.