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Tyler looks to finally break through

Marc Tyler dropped off the radar screen last season. Tyler had to redshirt last season due to complications from a broken leg suffered in his last high school game.

The sitting and the watching hurt more than the injury.

Tyler said he learned from the experience though, and the pain suffered on the field helped make him a stronger person off of it.

"I found out that there's more to life than football," Tyler said. "At any time, I can get hurt. It can all go away like that.

"Having to watch everyone play, I decided I was going to work hard."

Where Tyler fits in this season still remains to be seen. SC still has a lot of running backs on the roster and there are only so many touches to go around. We haven't seen what Broderick Green can do as he also sat out last year with an injury.

Sooner or later he will get on the field and it will great to see just what he can do.