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Trojan Rewind canceled by FOX

I saw this earlier in the week but I got busy and forgot to post it up.

From Wolf's blog.

We hear that Fox Sports Net (Prime Ticket) canceled the "Trojan Rewind'' show and will no longer televise Pete Carroll's Tuesday press conferences. With more than one local sports channel, it's hard to believe Carroll does not have a coaches' show, like so many other college programs. Something doesn't add up here.

Just so you know they canceled Bruins Rewind as well.

A lot of fans are upset that this show was canceled. Personally and this is only my opinion, the whole philosophy of dealing with FOX for college sports really has hurt the product. Why USC or UCLA couldn't cut a deal with the local affiliates to keep these show's on just boggles the mind.

Wolf is right, how Pete Carroll doesn't have a show is just nuts. Obviously I'm no fan of ucla but having both shows on would be a great thing for the rivalry. As popular as both programs are you would think there would be some ratings there.

Hopefully someone, somewhere finds a way to get these shows back on.