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Was the DN premature on Stepheson's "commitment"?

We noted this morning, based on a report at the L.A. Daily News, that UNC transfer Alex Stepheson had indeed committed to USC.

It appears that the DN, and subsequently us at Conquest Chronicles were premature with that report. All Things Trojan reports otherwise.

Despite a newspaper report this morning that he will transfer to USC, Alex Stepheson's family said today that he remains undecided.

The junior transfer from North Carolina has been considering the Trojans as well as UCLA and ASU. He played high school basketball for Harvard-Westlake and is looking to return to the Los Angeles area due to an illness in the family. Because of the circumstances that caused him to transfer, Stepheson could be eligible to play immediately for his new school.

And this from the Press-Enterprise college blog.

There was a report this morning that North Carolina transfer Alex Stepheson has chosen USC, but his mother told me a few minutes ago that her son remains undecided. Diane Stepheson said USC continues to be in the running for her son, but the 6-foot-9 junior is still considering UCLA and Arizona State.
"He has not made a decision," Diane Stepheson said. "I did see the article this morning, and we were shocked because the decision has not yet been made."

I also agree with Adam Rose in letting this kid be as he has a lot on his plate. Would I like to see him at USC? Yes, I would but not at the price of putting too much pressure on Stepheson with all he has already on is plate.

Maybe he will pick SC maybe he won't but I am surprised that it was reported that he was a lock when it appears that the initial story couldn't be further from the truth.

Heck, I wouldn't be surprised if Stepheson picked another school out of frustration at the premature reporting of this story by the DN. Who needs the grief.