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Jennings' decision may already have repercussions

Wolf reported last night that Lance Stephenson may also be looking at heading to Europe. Here is what the New York Times wrote earlier this week.

Other players are watching Jennings.

One of the top players in the class of 2009 is Lance Stephenson, who has led Brooklyn’s Lincoln High School to three consecutive New York City championships. Stephenson is considering a conventional list of colleges — Texas, U.C.L.A., Southern California, Memphis, Texas and St. John’s — but is expected to only spend one season in college before heading to the N.B.A. Stephenson’s father, Lance Sr., said Monday in a telephone interview that he and his son would be following Jennings’s decision closely.

“For me and my wife, we just get the information and talk to Lance and let him make the decision on that,” he said. “We’re looking at it and we’re interested just like anyone else.”

I know this has been off and on with DeRozan but I am surprised that we still don't have an answer in regards to DeRozan's eligibility. (from the same article)

DeMar DeRozan, a U.S.C. signee, is considered the best scorer in the freshman class. DeRozan, a 6-6 forward, is expected to fill much of the scoring void left by O. J. Mayo, who left the Trojans after a year and was the No. 3 pick in the draft.

The problem is that DeRozan has said he has not qualified academically to play at U.S.C., which Trojans Coach Tim Floyd confirmed. While DeRozan said he was solely focused on playing college basketball, it is plausible that Europe could become an option.

“It put thoughts in a lot of players’ heads when they see Brandon going over there and doing something like that,” DeRozan said.

I am really not that shocked, the college game really is a sham for those who are good enough to make it to the next level and who aren't really interested in an education.

The NCAA is so behind the times its mind boggling