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Wile E. Coyote??

Interesting take on Slick Rick in the Seattle Post Intellegencer’s interview with Rick Kimbrel: (mid-way through the interview)

Has Rick Neuheisel made an impact on recruiting the Los Angeles area already?

Kimbrel: Sure has! He's made (USC) flinch in my opinion. Rick is what Rick is -- a charismatic guy, disarms you with his self-deprecating sense of humor and he's sharp. You've got to be aware of him. He's like Wile E. Coyote. UCLA is the flavor of the month right now because of him.

He's living lucky right now. If there's one guy who has luck on his side, it's Rick. He has the best coaching staff top to bottom in the Pac-10. He has (offensive coordinator) Norm Chow, (running backs coach) Wayne Moses -- those are two guys NFL teams are paying. Then you've got DeWayne Walker, who he beat out for the job. He's the best defensive coordinator in the conference and Washington almost got him.

That's why I say Rick's lucky -- he's winning those battles

If he can get some quarterback play and offensive line play, and if they win eight games, then people are going to look at Rick Neuheisel like he's a genius.

You know, Washington has to get back into L.A. They need to get some of the kids from Crenshaw, Inglewood. They got some of those kids and really turned the corner. But some of those kids got Rick in trouble up there.

You gotta love it… couple of things here, Slick Rick hasn’t won anything yet so I wouldn’t get all worked up about making SC "flinch". He will get his recruits, its only natural that ucla would get their fair share once they had a decent coach so I’m not surprised. I am not buying that DeWayne Walker is the best defensive coordinator in the Pac-10, I think Pete Carroll has done a pretty good job don’t you?? Also this story seems outdated by the fact that the article mentions that the Huskies plan to offer Matt Barkley when he has already been been offered and accepted by USC.

I like the "if" they can do this or that part of the interview. There are a lot of if’s out there and the jury is still out on just how well they will be this season. I actually like the fact that Rick is getting all the attention, it puts the pressure on him to produce and if he has his back against the wall he may revert to his old ways. Like I have said before this will be fun to watch!

Yeah, Wile E. Coyote alright, super genius …