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Should Weis have to answer for Spygate?

Interesting article from NBC Sports' John Walters.

The 52-year-old head coach has flatly refused to discuss Spygate since that first comment almost 10 months ago. In May, then Notre Dame athletic director Kevin White, who has since accepted the same position at Duke, told the Chicago Tribune, "It's just not a Notre Dame matter."

It most certainly is, and White's exodus does not alter that. Character is always a Notre Dame matter. So why would it not be for the university's highest-paid — and highest-profile — employee? Last April, Weis, addressing an alumni gathering in Gettysburg, Pa., said as much when he told the audience, "I could get hoodlums and thugs and win tomorrow. I won't do it that way."

Walters makes an excellent point about the whole character thing. How does Weis not answer for this? If he would have denied it up front I could see letting it go but with the whole no comment thing and then having the former AD saying it really isn't a Notre Dame matter really gives the impression that he know more than he is saying. And the ND brass give the impression of a double standard when they fired newly named football coach George O'Leary for essentially lying on his resume.

Walters makes also makes an interesting observation about gamesmanship.

Spygate is not a matter of gamesmanship. It is not a question of allowing the grass to grow unchecked to Everglades-length for two weeks before Reggie Bush and Southern Cal visit. Of concealing a surgical procedure performed on the No. 1 high school recruit in the nation. The NFL does not dock a franchise and its coach a cumulative $750,000 and a first-round draft pick for gamesmanship.

I disagree a little bit with Walters here as I think there is a connection. I understand about competitive edge but growing the grass high was a cheap parlor trick that pretty much cost Desmond Reed his playing career. Its obvious that Weis' team wasn't good enough to beat SC on the field so he had to resort to those sort of tactics. Par for the course, he couldn't beat some teams when he was with the Patriots so he played along with Belichick's cheating.

I respect Notre Dame and for the most part I like their fans. It's part of the reason why I don't do a lot of hating on them like I do on ucla. To me they are are our true rivals but Weis has brought something to this rivalry that makes it look cheap instead of regal.

Notre Dame won't make him answer for it but when you think about it thats not really surprising. They wanted him, rings and all, so now they're stuck with him and they can go down on the ship with him.

Sooner or later the chickens will come home to roost...