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NBA Draft Notes - Now I know why they can't stand Steve Lavin

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I am not going to get to crazy on the NBA draft but there were some interesting things that I wanted to breifly comment on.

  • What a difference a night makes - After a monster day in the OR I had a hard time making it through the first round without falling asleep so I hit the rack only to get up this morning to find that Mayo and Love were traded for each other in a pretty big package deal over night. It seemed there was a lot of movement in the draft but this was the big one. I'm not going speculate as to who wins or loses in this trade and I really don't care but its pretty neat that the Pac-10 is at the forefront of this years draft.
  • Mayo highest draft pick in USC history - While we are all aware of the controversy surrounding Mayo, he became the highest draft pick ever taken in the draft out of USC. Mayo continues to profess his innocence over the whole mess and he even went so far to stick up for USC in a recent interview.
  • Biggest mistake of the draft - I will give you three guesses and the first two don't count...Davon Jefferson. I will not try to get into this kids head nor will I blame his early departure from USC on his agent Arn Tellum (Tellum is actually one of the good guys in the business). If Jefferson wanted to leave then thats fine but to not take the process seriously? We wish him luck.
  • Disappointment abounds - The looks on Jerryd Bayless' face when he was traded was telling, same with Brooke Lopez when he slid to 10th. Darrell Arthur had his own Brady Quinn moment by being stuck in the Green Room until he was finally picked 27th.
  • Finally - This will be one of the few times that I will ever be in agreement with the crazies over at BN but Steve Lavin is the worst. Some of the questions he asked were mind boggling and some of his analysis just seemed mailed in. I was stuck on the FDR and had to listen to the 6-7 picks on the radio and I just couldn't take him any more and shut the radio off. God he was so bad he made my hair hurt.