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2008 NBA Draft Open Thread


So here we go...

To me the NBA Draft is the final event before closing out the season. We say good-bye to players as they move on while getting ready to welcome our new arrivals. There has been a little bit of speculation as to where who will end up where. Of course we are most concerned with where O.J. Mayo and Davon Jefferson end up but where others go could affect where our guys picked.

Mayo seems to be headed for the #3 slot though there has been a lot talk about Miami losing interest in Beasely and possibly taking Mayo. I’m not buying it as this seems more like a smoke and mirrors play by Pat Riley to get someone to bite on a possible trade.

The west coast schools are heavily represented this year, a true testament as to just how strong west coast basketballreally is, especially in the Pac-10. I will try to be online by the time things get underway but I may be delayed due to a busy work schedule.

Leave questions comments or rants here.

UPDATE: SBN blog Ridiculous Upside is running an NBA Draft liveblog here.