Animosity between SMQ and Bruins Nation?

Maybe I'm the only one, but it seems that a little bit of enmity has come up between SMQ and our friends over at BN. On June 12, SMQ posted this story:

Mandate For Change: UCLA

Discussing UCLA's upcoming football season and what is expected of Rick Neuheisel err... COACH Rick Neuheisel. Just one day later, BN'er Menelaus posted this little blurb in the Fan Post section:

Hating on Neuheisel

In all fairness no one knows the whole truth behind Neuheisal's coaching past, but Menelaus does little to add credence to his argument against SMQ as three of five sources he cites refer back to pro-Bruins blogs (with two of those three linking to BN itself). Anyways this article on Bruin hypocrisy went up today on SMQ:

Whatever Happened to Great Expectations?

Obviously, the only conclusion that can be drawn from this is that UCLA's Athletic Department and Fans are a bunch of Bigots and Racists for holding Dorrell to higher standards than Neuheisel... Just Kidding.

What can be drawn from this is that SMQ has shown in the past that his blog is purely for entertainment and analysis (ie he has no agenda or school affiliation weirdness), whereas BN is obviously staunchly pro UCLA. I don't see what Menelaus, Nestor, et al has to gain from responding to what SMQ writes, as they're basically preaching to the choir of UCLA fans. Maybe if we're lucky we will get an entertaining retort from BN in the coming days, followed by more cutting articles from SMQ.

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