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Happy Fathers Day!

Other than the obvious, we are all thankful for our fathers getting us into sports. The times playing catch, the many games that they always found tickets for, the shuttling back and forth from one game to the next when we were growing up (for me it was soccer and baseball) and most important watching the games together from the comfort of our homes dissecting each player or play. Those times spent bonding with our dads and granddads forged how we look at sports today and shaped our image as fans.

Those times also forged who we are today. How many times have discussions about life in general have taken place with our dads with some sort of sporting event in the background. Be it playing a round of golf or on a boat fishing, the time spent with our dad always made for some enlightening discussions.

So, a toast to our dads and a tip of the cap for the things we learned at our father’s side. I am blessed to have a Step-father that went the extra mile to have me in his life as I shared here. I am also thankful to have reconnected my biological father as we are wired the same way and his guidance on certain things have helped me over come some of life’s interesting twits and turns.

Both are very important to me and I love them both deeply! I am lucky to have them.

Happy Fathers Day!!