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Sunshine Pumping

Listening to Rivals radio the other day I got a kick out of Bruin Blitz’s Rick Kimbrel comment on the ucla QB situation. It’s no secret he is a bruin shill and that he has written some crap to stir the pot in the past.

If you are interested you can listen to it here.

He spent a good portion of the interview pumping sunshine up our asses that the ucla coaching staff was the best in the nation.

Right…maybe on paper but not yet in reality.

We all know how good Norm Chow is so I won’t quibble with him there but his comments about DeWayne Walker were laughable. Calling Walker the best "D" coordinator in the Pac-10 is way off the base and last years results back that up. Walker is good but not great, he has lived off of 13-9 but the kool-aid drinkers across town seemed to have forgotten that Utah scored 44 on them. Notre Dame outscored them (with the worst offense in ND history) to give them their first win. What about the three straight losses to WSU, AZ, and ASU in which Walker’s vaunted defense gave up 27,34,24 points respectively? Lastly if Walker is such a hot commodity why is it that the only other legitimate offer he received this past off-season was to be the "D" coordinator at UW. The offer from Wazzu to be their head coach never really seemed to materialize and a lot of ucla fans thought it was Walker trying to increase his value.

More important...did Pete Carroll suddenly drop off the face the map? I mean he's a pretty good "D" coordinator don't you think Rick??

Kimbrel also made some comments about how Norm Chow was ecstatic to get Brehaut and how Chow thought that Brehaut might be better than 2009 USC commit Matt Barkley. What makes this laughable is that Brehaut was ucla’s 4th choice as they lost out on trying to get commits from Barkley, Newsome and Murray before focusing on trying to get Brehaut. What did Chow miss the first time around when evaluating prospective QB recruits that makes Brehaut a better QB than Matt Barkley?

I’m sure Brehaut is a great QB but if he is so hot why wasn’t he first on Chow’s list? These guys are supposed to be the experts. Experts don’t get lucky, they know exactly what they are doing. Slick Rick is going to get his share of recruits no question about it but getting great recruits is only part of the battle you have to win with them and the numbers have shown that Neuheisel actually has done worse with his recruits than when he takes over another coaches recruits.

We have always said that a stronger ucla is great for the Pac-10 and we know Neuheisel will up the ante but they need to put some wins on the board before anyone takes them seriously.

Kimbrel made it seem like ucla was just a QB away from greatness. What about an "O" line Rick? Thinks that’s important in the life of a QB? Its going to take more than just ONE stud offensive lineman, whose academics haven’t been vetted yet to make this team a contender in 2008. Look I know Kimbrel has to shill for the bruins, its how he gets paid but how about a little intellectual honesty.