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Guillory "Charity" Credit Card scrutinized by CA Attorney General

It's about damned time! 'This is exactly the thing that needs to happen.

The California Attorney General's office is investigating the possible illegal use of an American Express card account that was opened under the guise of being issued to a sickle cell charity, but was reportedly used to provide thousands of dollars in benefits for former USC freshman guard O.J. Mayo, a state official told ESPN "Outside the Lines" reporter Kelly Naqi.

Danny Kim, a special agent with the bureau of investigations for the California Department of Justice, says he was assigned to open a case and investigate possible charitable trust violations by Tony Hicks (who also uses the alias "Amonra Elohim," according to federal court records), the CEO of the National Organization of Sickle Cell Prevention and Awareness Foundation, a nonprofit organization based in the Los Angeles area.

"We are looking for any financial information that is tied to the sickle cell foundation," Kim said. "I'm just going to follow the money. I'll have to subpoena or get a warrant to get whatever information I can get."

Hopefully the state lawmakers will have the balls to send a strong message and hammer Guillory. Lets hope the next step they take is a criminal investigation into runners tampering with amateur athletes.

Come on guys lets kick some ass!!!!