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The Mayo Investigation

And so it begins...

USC's compliance office opened its investigation into the O.J. Mayo case by interviewing at least two people with possible knowledge of his relationship with his mentor, Rodney Guillory, according to sources.

The interviews were the first significant step in the investigation since Guillory was accused by an associate of giving Mayo about $30,000 in cash and gifts.

The NCAA and Pacific-10 Conference plan to be involved in the investigation, but USC is also compiling information and opened its case last week.

Sources said the witnesses provided background information to USC regarding the relationship between Mayo and Guillory and offered some details that might aid the investigation. USC is investigating the nature of Guillory's relationship with the star player, sources said.

I just don't see how this can be an impartial investigation. I mean the compliance office cleared Mayo once and found nothing out of sorts which has now lead to all sorts of questions about just how hard they looked or how effective they really are. I mean Guillory was right there under their noses from the word go and with his known past it's clear to me that they chose to ignore it. No one is that blind are they?

No one more than me wants to see SC found to be in compliance and not culpable of any wrongdoing and that is still possible, though unlikely to me, but with Guillory's history I just don't see how that happens. Guillory didn't all of a sudden find religion and become a benevolent person. Someone was clearly asleep at the switch here and they should be shown the door because of it.

This is like having the fox in charge of the missing chicken investigation.