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Mayo cuts ties with BDA

Uhhh…I think the Horse already left the barn

Jesus, you gotta love the timing of this one .

O.J. Mayo has terminated his relationship with Calvin Andrews and Bill Duffy Associates, ESPN has learned.

Mayo's mother, Alisha Mayo, said in a statement: "As a family, we decided to modify O.J.'s inner circle and allow him to solely focus on improving his game without distraction in a structured, disciplined environment."

Mayo will look for a new agent in the wake of an "Outside The Lines" report that Mayo took money from a man who got it from BDA.

Alisha Mayo and family attorney Mike Woelfel will address the day-to-day issues in the short term. O.J. Mayo will continue training at Tim Grover's Chicago sports complex and will attend the NBA pre-draft camp in Orlando next weekend. When asked about whom Mayo may select as his agent, Woelfel said, "The family has a variety of options and each of those options will be thoughtfully explored."

According to a source familiar with the situation, Rodney Guillory, a former Mayo confidant and runner connected with Bill Duffy Associates Sports Management "is completely out of the picture now and his whereabouts are unknown." Another source told ESPN that on May 13, after Mayo came back from a trip to West Virginia to visit his mother, he met with Guillory in Los Angeles and officially cut all ties with him "in a face-to-face confrontation."

I give the kid credit for being proactive but I think its a little too late.

The fact is SC's reputation is already tarnished so the symbolism is nice but the damage is done. We already have the NCAA up our asses the fickle press is taking any shots they can and with the crap continuing in the Reggie Bush saga we look like the laughing stock out there.

Well, it makes for great reading...