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Like bringing the Pigeons to the Cat

Or, Like shooting fish in a barrell, pick your analogy. This one is easy.

So, while USC is being hammered at every corner of the sports world I found this little gem that had me chuckling.

Speaking at a Gators booster event in Miami -- less than a week after one of his players was kicked off the team after being charged with allegedly using the credit card of a woman killed in an accident -- Meyer said restrictions on contact with recruits hinder his ability to measure their character.

''The NCAA is pulling us off the recruiting process,'' he said, in comments reported by South Florida media outlets. "I'm not allowed to go out [to visit players] anymore. I'm not allowed to text message. I'm trying to find out as best I can. You just keep re-evaluating.

"If you just look around and see some of the things that are going on, it's amazing. It's concerning. It's alarming," Meyer said. "So we take a great deal of time and effort in trying to educate guys, work with them and recruit character. Are we perfect? Absolutely not."

Thats Rich!

Whatever you say Urby.

MaconDawg over at DawgSports is all over it.

But Urb is all wet on this latest justification for player misconduct. Why? Because Hornsby signed with Florida in 2006, when head coaches were allowed to be on the road. In fact, head coaches were only kept on campus this year after other coaches began following Meyer's lead by recruiting on the road extensively. Meyer was previously the unchallenged king of the head coach visit. And this was also of course before the text message ban. Hornsby signed with UF at the height of Meyer's finger-flapping recruiting heyday.

So, Jamar Hornsby may or may not be a scoundrel or a criminal or any number of other things. I don't know the guy. I do know that college kids do stupid things, some of which are criminal and many of which are morally questionable.

But I also know this: Urban Meyer had every modern tool available at his disposal to evaluate the young man's character. Perhaps he was wrong. If so I don't fault him for that. If you're going to be too damned something (and we all are, what with being human and all) , being too damned trusting of your fellow man is not a bad option. But don't blame the NCAA for your poor judgment or poor team discipline after the fact.

Talk about ballsy. How dumb is the UF fan base if they buy into this. Does he honestly think we're all blind walking around without a cane?