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Per ESPN: Mayo to Declare for the Draft

I just saw this on ESPN News as is being reported by Andy Katz Nothing yet on the website.

No surprise here.

More to come as it develops...

Update [2008-4-9 22:56:39 by Paragon SC]: It is now on the ESPN website as reported by Andy Katz. Looks like he will officially announce tonight. Here is Mayo’s statement from Wolfs Blog.

``I am so thankful for the fans and alumni at USC and around the nation that have been so supportive of me and my teammates throughout the season. I’d like to express my appreciation to my coaches and teammates for their support in one of the most important decisions I’ve ever made. I will be entering the 2008 NBA draft. I am going to finish the semester here at USC and then focus on preparing for the NBA draft.

``Attending USC has been such a great experience for me and has really helped prepare me for my next step in life.’’