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News and Notes from Here and There

All right, I admit it I have been a bit lazy in posting. I really didn't feel like talking about the foregone conclusion of who would be the starting QB.

Anyway, here is what has been going on around USC and around the Pac-10.


From Brian Grummel at Fanhouse?

In theory, the hyper-competitive Neuheisel should further the divide between the programs, but he and USC coach Pete Carroll at least publicly seem to respect each other. So much so, in fact, that next year may be an "Nixon visits China" moment in relations between the programs.

USC and UCLA are very close to announcing a novel idea to heat up their rivalry. Both teams will wear their home colors this season at UCLA's home game Dec. 6 in the Rose Bowl.

That means USC will wear maroon. The plan is for the Trojans to be penalized a timeout when they take the field in their homies. UCLA, then, at its first opportunity will call a timeout to even things up. Pete Carroll apparently has signed off on the p.r. strategy. What a way to ramp up the Trojans-Bruins rivalry.

You know what's next? Full diplomatic relations (yeh right!). Until anything happens this is all just talk and cutesy "Americans playing ping pong in China" type ice-breakers floated before the public. Hopefully it happens.

Hey I'm all for it! This is one of those things that will make the rivalry fun again!

Sure, right...whatever you say!

Maualuga projected to be picked 31st in 2009? From Scouts NFL Experts.

31. San Diego - Rey Maualuga, USC, LB
The play of inside backers Stephen Cooper and Matt Wilhelm for the Super Bowl runner-up Chargers has been nothing short of outstanding, but the talented Chargers felt that the two-time All-American selection from just up the road, USC's Rey Maualuga was just too good to pass up in the 31st selection.

They have Cushing going 24th so I'm not sure what they are thinking. Like Wolf said this is worthless information but interesting to see what some of the experts are thinking.

Johnson bolts Stanford for LSU

Well this is interesting

Trent Johnson is leaving Stanford after four seasons to become the new coach at LSU, according to reports in the Louisiana media and online.

Johnson, who led Stanford to three NCAA tournaments and a trip to this year's Sweet 16, has reached a verbal agreement with the Tigers. Former coach John Brady was fired during the 2007-08 season.

This was kind of surprising. I know that Stanford was expected to give Johnson and extension but with Stanford's season ending almost two weeks ago what was taking them so long? With the Lopez brothers committing to the draft the writing on the wall was that Stanford was going to have a rough road ahead. I wonder how Mike Montgomery feels today. If he had waited just a couple of more weeks.....

I wonder what Cal is thinking?

So what about that Coliseum deal?

More going on behind the scenes?

Even as USC inches toward a deal that will keep the school playing football at the Coliseum for decades to come, there are political initiatives aimed at doing away with the stadium's governing body.

Three pieces of legislation have been proposed to disband the Coliseum Commission, with two of those requiring the state sell the parcel of land on which the venue sits.

The legislation was a byproduct of the public fight between USC and the commission, which culminated with the school's threatening to play football games next season at the Rose Bowl.

Coliseum General Manager Pat Lynch said that none of the initiatives makes sense "economically, legally or otherwise."

"From our perspective, all the pieces of legislation are uninformed, and, in a couple of cases, illegal," he said.

Well, you know how government runs some one always has to have their hands in the pie. Here is an interesting question, anyone think some big SC donor would buy the Coliseum and donate to SC? I don't, but it's a nice dream.

Oregon State finally gets a new basketball coach

And the hire Obama's brother-in-law to be the new coach.

Of course there were some questions about the hire, but Jake over at Building the Dam does an excellent job at defending the hire.

First off, I'll start out by saying there are some things I like about this hire, and some that I don't. The one thing I'm uncertain about is the whole political influence. When I heard Robinson say that "If I can use that (my family celebrity) to win games, I'll do it", it made me question which direction we're headed. It just makes it sounds like we're using a particular political party to help get recruits, etc. I don't know where you draw the line on this conflict, but it just seems weird right now. Maybe it will grow on me, but I don't know.

Political issues aside, I think Robinson has some great potential. If you've heard him talk today at all, you'll know that he is a great public speaker, and has a great story. Bottom line, is things are going to get done the right way in Gill Coliseum from this point forward.

Jake always gives the straight scoop and he makes some fair points.


Orson, as usual, has some fun with Brennan Carroll and Mark Sanchez.