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USC wins 2 against UCLA, third game today

[Editorial note: apologies for the limited baseball coverage thus far; Paragon and I have been crushed at work and - to be perfectly honest - are not exactly baseball fanatics...]

USC is two games into a three game series against UCLA, having beaten them 6 - 1 on Friday and 7 - 1 on Saturday. This takes USC to a 15 - 14 record, and improved their PAC 10 record to 4 - 4. (A losing series to Arizona State including a 16 - 5 loss and a 13 - 5 loss hadn't helped much.)

USC's defense has been a bit suspect so far this season - half of the 14 losses have involved USC giving up at least 10 runs. So presumably it was pretty gratifying to win the Friday game on the back of Tommy Milone's 14 strikeouts, and to have Ryan Cook settle down on Saturday after a 3-run fourth inning, and allow no runs until he he was brought out for Robert Stock - whose wild pitch allowed a Bruin score before he finished out the game.

The third game in the series will be played today at UCLA at 1 p.m. PDT, with radio commentary available on

[Update] UCLA won the third game in the series 4 - 2. UCLA was up by 2 at the end of the fifth inning, and USC attempted a late come-back with the bases loaded in the 9th, until Lopez grounded into a double play. Close doesn't cut it, but at least the Trojans are showing signs of heading in the right direction.