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Spring Practice Update

Depending on who you listen to, the competition for quarterback is either looking more even or not even at all. According to the LA Times, both Sanchez and Mustain were looking good yesterday. According to the Daily News, the matter is demonstrably settled because Mustain was working out with the second unit.

Both articles indicated that the offensive line was showing some protection issues. The LA Times suggested that Mustain was better than Sanchez at improvising to make up for blown protection schemes.


On his blog, Scott Wolfe quotes one of the NFL coaches who came to watch pro day and commented about the team:

``They are average at quarterback, average at wide receiver, the offensive line is young. The defense looks good. The front seven looks strong. The secondary might be an issue.''

Doesn't sound too different from what people have said over the last couple of years, but to pick up on something from SMQ's comparison of Sanchez and Mustain, there are plenty of teams who would be thrilled to have the "drop off" performance of Booty after Leinart. Average by comparison to whom, oh anonymous NFL coach?


Speaking of SMQ, he's been enjoying Pete Carroll's little April Fools gag on Everson Griffen, as has Orson over at EDSBS, and as has the Wizard of Odds:

Just as long as this is the only time we see the po-po hanging around the team this spring, right gentlemen?