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Chart your Own Course

Things to do in Baltimore when you're...

"I have studied Pete the last several years," Neuheisel said. "He had a plan and stuck to it. He sold, sold, sold and people bought in. It was no accident."

Neuheisel wants to use Carroll's strengths against him - sounds like a chapter out of Sun Tzu's "Art of War."

"He went 100 miles per hour from the start and it finally took root," Neuheisel said of Carroll. "...I think the same thing can happen here."

The question he can't answer is when.

That's where Neuheisel is going to get burned. When the old regime left and the new one arrived I got a kick out of how they all thought across town that they were finally going to compete with USC. Of course the question was how AND when. Neuheisel needs to do it his own way and stop worrying about Pete Carroll. Pete Carroll didn't sell anything other than a vision and what it would take to the vision through. That vision has now become a reality.

The so-called template that the above article referred to isn't something that can be copied out of a book, it comes from a life's work of a philosophy forged by dedication, vision and execution. you can't copy it you have to live it. There is also a huge flaw in his thought process...Pete Carroll didn't have to go up against himself; Neuheisel has to go up against Pete Carroll. Even with having Walker and Chow at his side (and I think they will be gone within two years) Neuheisel still has to put HIS mark on that program and with how they currently look it is going to take some time to see the fruits of his labors.

His recently named starting QB is done for the year with a torn ACL, and there may be some controversy there. His back up has a history as being as fragile as hell and his JUCO transfer needs to adjust to being under center after operating out of the shotgun the couple of years. Couple that with an offensive line that is basically put together with spit and toilet paper and it isn't very pretty. Things are so desperate now that Neuheisel has asked 2009 commit Kevin Prince to enroll in school early.

UCLA coach Rick Neuheisel wanted to name a starting quarterback by the end of spring practice, but injuries muddled a once-clear picture and the coaching staff is altering the landscape.

With starting quarterback Patrick Cowan's season over and backup Ben Olson facing a two-month recovery because of a broken foot, UCLA asked Crespi High of Encino's Kevin Prince to enter school early.

Prince, who is rehabbing from reconstructive knee surgery and wasn't scheduled to enroll until January 2009, said he was approached by Bruins offensive coordinator Norm Chow on Saturday about coming to UCLA this summer to help the depleted quarterbacking corps.

Wow...just WOW!

This kid is recovering with an injured knee himself and they are trying to get him into school early. Talk about throwing the kid to the wolves, and they still have no O line to protect him. Sure at some point ucla will be relevant again, they can't afford not to, but this obsession with USC and how we do it leaves me scratching my head. Do your own thing at your own pace and stop worrying about someone else.

This could get a lot more ugly before its over.