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Get over it!

I'll make this short.

With SC having a total of 10 players drafted in this weekends NFL draft there seemed to be a cloud hanging over this incredible accomplishment. The 10 players taken were the most in this years draft from any team and the 7 players taken in the first rounds were a record for the school. The ramifications of this accomplishment will hopefully resonate in the years to come as an example as to why players need to stay in school in order to maximize their NFL potential and the necessity to not get into trouble as character matters.

That being said...

The constant whining I have read from Scott Wolf to numerous message board posters about how SC could have so many outstanding players taken in the draft and yet still lose against lowly Stanford is tiresome and hardly constructive.

What's done is done. Get over it!

Yes, it was disappointing in that had we won tat game we go to the BCS title game. Just like 13-9 the year before the opportunity was there and we fell short. The reasons at this point are immaterial and hopefully the team and coaches have learned their lesson.

This program has accomplished far too much in the Pete Carroll Era to continue to live in the past over lost opportunities. I am looking forward because I simply can't change the past. Should we fire Pete Carroll because of Stanford, 13-9 or even the loss to Texas? Hardly, I will take being close any day instead the garbage we see across town. All three of those losses crushed me but we need to move forward because USC continues be a major force in college football. It won't always be this way so I plan to enjoy it while it lasts. Those who continue to complain about the past should do the same.

End of rant...