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NFL Draft Open Thread Day II

How will SC fare today?

After a stunning 7 players taken on the first day (rounds 1 & 2) we hope to see some similar returns in the final 5 rounds.

I won't be on as much as I was yesterday but I will check in and there is a lot to talk about in regards to day #1 so I want to work on a few things for the next day or two.

So the draft is about to resume check in as you are able!

UPDATE I Finaly.....There Goes Booty! To Minnesota. Not surprised he fell this far. He needs to play in WCO and he really isn’t starter material so he is being looked at as a back-up. Hey, he got picked and that is all that matters, now he needs to make his own luck to be successful in the league.

UPDATE II Big CW goes to Jacksonville. That should be interesting as he will back-up Jones-Drew