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NFL Draft Open Thread

I will be on sporadically today but I will obviously keep my eye on where our guys will get drafted.

This is a different class than in years past. This is a quiet yet confident group, they don't draw a lot of attention to themselves yet once they get on the field they are absolutely fierce competitors. For the most part the top four USC players taken (Ellis, Jackson, Rivers and Davis) should be pretty productive with their respective teams.

Others like Rachal, Baker, Radovich, Spanos, Booty and Washington should all get opportunities to earn a spot on their respective teams. I think Baker and Rachal could be sleeper picks that are undervalued, but who really knows?

As, always leave comments, suggestions or rants here I will pop on if something really crazy happens.

I wish all of our guys well.

UPDATE I: The Patriots trade their #7 pick to the Saints and Sedrick Ellis goes to New Orleans. He will be reunited with Coach O! Good move by the Saints.

UPDATE II With the 9th pick Rivers goes to the Bengals! That’s a solid pick for them as well. So far not bad for the SC defense. All Things Trojan has the video of Rivers getting selected by Cincy!

UPDATE III The Redskins trade their pick, #21, to Atlanta and they take Sam Baker! WOW! That’s a great surprise! That’s is AWESOME.

UPDATE IV LoJack to the Seahawks! Back with Lofa…that’s FOUR IN THE FIRST ROUND BABY!!!!

UPDATE V Chilo goes to the 49er’s with the 39th pick. Looks like his gamble paid off that’s 5 players taken from SC so far on the first day

UPDATE VI Big Freddie Davis goes to the Redskins with the 48th pick. A Great day for SC so far. With Brohm and Henne dropping Mortensen said that helps Booty. We’ll see. Tell me Pete Carroll isn’t happy with how this draft is turning out.

UPDATE VII CB Terrell Thomas goes to the New York Giants. That’s 7 players in the first 2 rounds. What…A…Day!!