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Make up your mind

There is an interesting, albeit brief, take on John David Booty and how he being viewed by the experts in the NFL.

From Brian Grummell at the Fan House:


Pro Football Weekly's 2008 NFL Draft Guide

Is clearly well-coached, with very sound mechanics. A pure pocket passer with functional arm strength, Booty is a West Coast, rhythm passer who will need to play in an offense that features a lot of short crosses and slants to be effective. Could develop into a solid backup, but would handicap what an offense could do as a starter.

Bonus Moment of Contradiction

Keeps his poise under pressure and does not pull the ball down to run.

Two sentences later:

Shows little awareness for pressure and can be rattled.

Both takes are correct depending on the day that you watch him. Booty will probably have end up as a back-up somewhere in the NFL, make a few bucks for a few years and then move on. He will have the memories of a great career at SC.

More interesting is how some of the experts can't decide what their take is so god only knows what they are really thinking.

Anyway, just thought I would throw it out while we go through a slow news cycle during this time of year. I will have an NFL Draft open thread up on Saturday to keep an eye on where our players end up in the draft.