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We're movin' on SBN 2.0

As I am sure many of you know SBN has been going through an upgrade to whole new platform. I haven't really commented on this much because I wanted to make sure of the timetable for our upgrade and I wanted to see the other sites get up and running while working out the eventual bugs that always pop up.

Anyway, Burnt Orange Nation has made the move and the guys from The California Golden Blogs will be coming over to SBN to take over from The Band is out on the Field in the coming days so they will be next in line for the upgrade. CC will probably switch platforms somewhere between the 6th and the 10th of May along with the rest of the college sites.

I would urge you to, if you haven't done so already, go check out any other of the SBN sites that have already upgraded. When you do visit, log in and claim your SBN accounts across all of the different SBN blogs that you may have joined in the past. This is one of the many new features on the new platform.

As usual Joel over at Rocky Top Talk has a great breakdown of all the new features that you will find in this new platform. I won't even try to do a better job that what he has done. As with any sort of change it will take some getting used to but believe me this will be a great upgrade to what we already have here on CC.

This will be a great thing!

I will keep you posted as to when will be locked on for our upgrade as posting and commenting will suspended during the upgrade process.