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Mustain loses the edge

I noted earlier this week that the timing of naming Mark Sanchez the starting QB for the upcoming season surprised me; it really wasn't a surprise to anyone given the amount of reps with the first team that Sanchez was named the starter just how it was done. As expected, it took some of the wind out of his sails.

It's been a rough week for USC quarterback Mitch Mustain, who met with Trojans coach Pete Carroll after losing the starting job to Mark Sanchez and admitted he was still in a funk during Thursday's practice.

"It takes a little bit of that edge away," Mustain said. It does (affect you) a little bit."

Maybe that is one reason he was critical of his performance Thursday.

"We sucked today," Mustain said. "We didn't execute. We made a lot of mistakes."

Mustain was unsure what Tuesday's announcement Sanchez would start meant exactly and whether it prevented him for winning the job in the fall. His meeting with Carroll cleared up some of those concerns.

"It was him just kind of explaining his thoughts or his reasoning," Mustain said. "I don't think it's a surprise decision they made."

For the first time in a few seasons a real battle for the starting job was set and we all wanted to see what these two players could do under that pressure. As I also noted earlier I wasn't sure just how open the competition was as you could see early on that it was stacked heavily against Mustain.

This was one of my key concerns with naming the starter so soon. Yes, it is up to the player to keep their wits about them and continue to compete at the highest level possible. But I saw no benefit to naming Sanchez the starter before spring practice ended, keep these two guessing even if it's a foregone conclusion. Keep the door open that way they keep fighting out.

Sure, Mustain still has a chance to start once training camp starts in August, Sanchez isn't out of the woods yet as he still needs to build a rapport with the O line and there are still some questions there. I just hoped that Carroll and Sarkisian would have waited. More on the O line later.

I'm disappointed that Mustain lost some of the edge but I am not surprised either, lets hope he kicks himself in the ass and has a strong finish to spring ball.

More to come...