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Mayo Considered Staying?

OK, I'll Bite...

The DN reported that O. J. Mayo actually considered staying for his sophomore year at USC.

Eight days after he made the actual decision that surprised no one, O.J. Mayo on Thursday described his decision to leave USC after one year and apply for the NBA draft.

And he actually entertained the thought of returning for his sophomore season.

"We got put out of the (NCAA) Tournament pretty early and March Madness is an exciting time for our team and for our program," Mayo said at a Galen Center press conference. "We really felt like we could do well, so for us to get put out early, there's always the feeling that you maybe want to come back and try to go a little further."

Yet the dreams of a young player to play at the highest level combined with the opportunity to help his family financially were too much to overcome for Mayo, who could be selected in the top five of the June draft.

I won't lie, it would have been great to have him come back but there were two chances he was staying; slim and none and slim left town a long time ago. Tim Floyd wasn't going to let him stay as he has said repeatedly that it would irresponsible for Mayo not to go to the NBA with payday that he is sure to receive. That we even had Mayo for one season is a gift.

Mayo signed with the same agent that represents Carmelo Anthony effectively ending his college career. I just want to make sure that he keeps his word about finishing the semester so that SC isn't punished by losing a scholarship. Mayo has been more than a solid citizen while he has been at SC and he represented the school very well. He has silenced all the criticisms from his detractors in regards to his character, particularly those from the clowns from across town.

I'm not a big fan of the NCAA/NBA one-year minimum rule and over all I think it does the player with real talent a disservice but this season was fun to watch. This is going to be a pretty impressive freshman class that is heading to the NBA with Mayo, Love, Beasley and Rose. I'm not a big fan of the NBA but I will peak in a time or two to see how these guys do.

We wish O.J. Luck!