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Some Tradition

Some Tradition

I was listening to EDSBS Live last night and they had ESPN's Bruce Feldman on to talk about some of the developments from spring practices from around the country. Orson mentioned that the bruins decided to continue their years old tradition of "going over the wall" and blowing off a day of practice. I checked out Brian Dohn's blog and he had a blurb on it as well.

Practice done

UCLA's football practice is over, long before it was supposed as the players decided to use a long-time tradition and blow off practice after stretching by going over the wall. That said, the players ran through an open gate rather than climb over the wall at Spaulding Field.

UCLA coach Rick Neuheisel knows of the tradition, but basically said it was an odd time for it considering UCLA is installing a new offense and the offensive line needs loads of work.

Ya Think!!

I guess their "Passion Buckets" are having a hard time getting full over there.

And Slick Rick tries to spin it.

"Our guys showed good solidarity,'' Neuheisel said. "It's not what I would have liked to happen (Tuesday), but I remember being a part of teams that did it and still had successful seasons. So, hopefully, we can benefit in some way from this.''


Wish in one hand, s--t in the other and tell me which one fills up first. Spin it any way you want Rick, the fact is this is not going to be a very good team this year. Cowan has pretty much been named starter (and he will be running for his life all season), the offensive line is about as porous as the Iraqi army in the first gulf war and they just lost their best lineman who effectively retired due to numerous knee injuries and they are trying to install a new offense.

I guess they aren't taking it too seriously. Feldman said he would have more today on his blog about ucla and he hinted as to just how bad things may be in Westwood this fall. It's obvious that the coaching staff is now seeing just how bare the cupboard is and that they really don't have much to work with.

These knuckleheads have little room for error and they want to piss a valuable opportunity away? Way to go Sherlock.

It's going to a long season over there. I guess we'll see if they can keep their Passion Buckets full over there. For now it looks like they can't even get them filled let alone keep them filled.

I'm not sure this was the type of energy that Slick Rick hoped that he would bring to the program.

Go Figure...