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McKnight Ineligible for the rest of Spring Ball

Is anybody on the academic side paying attention?

So while we have all been riveted on the QB showdown it seems that Joe McKnight has put himself in a bit of a situation.

Tailback Joe McKnight dropped a class Friday and fell below 12 units, which means he is ineligible for the remainder of spring practice. He will be able to make up the class in summer school.

Why put yourself in the position in the first place. I'm sure that he will work his way back in I guess I am a little surprised that the academic advisors weren't on top of this.

Here is a more complete explanation.

From Dan Weber at the P.E.:

Saturday after the scrimmage, Carroll said that McKnight messed up one course and the decision was it would be better for him to drop the course than try to make up lost ground.

According to Carroll, McKnight, being prepped for the Reggie Bush role at multiple running and receiving positions, is in no danger of being ineligible for the fall. And he's the only USC player with any academic issues in the spring, Carroll said.

More to come I'm sure.