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Jefferson Still Undecided

With O.J. Mayo declaring for the draft earlier this week all eyes now turn to Davon Jefferson and Taj Gibson.

From the OC Register:

Unlike Mayo, who said he would hire an agent, Jefferson said he might declare for the draft without hiring a representative. That would give him nearly two extra months to prolong his decision. Underclassmen can pull their names off the draft list by June 26.

Jefferson said he will continue to attend class at USC. Dropping out could contribute to the Trojans losing a scholarship because the NCAA monitors schools' academic progress.

I think he needs another year but I wouldn't be surprised if he went hired an agent.

At least he is honoring his commitment to stay in school until the semester's over so that SC won't be penalized a scholarship. Of course now we are also waiting on word from Taj. So there may be a few more shoes that will probably drop.