Another scary game ended tonight with the Trojans winning an overtime thriller against Cal at the Galen Center.  It was a streaky game.  Daniel Hackett made his 1st start at point guard since his injury.  Hackett was looking pretty sharp the whole night as far as running the offense, but was rusty and off the mark on most of his shots and free-throws.  Aside from his poor shooting, he was invaluable to the Trojans who need an intelligent player to create turnovers on defense, and move the ball to the right people on offense (Taj when hes not double teamed.)

The Trojans played a sluggish 1st half, and were down by as many as 9 points before closing the half down by 6.

The second half USC's defense dug in and created some turnovers, and started to pull down some rebounds thanks to Devon, Taj, and Keith.  USC led by 12 at one point midway through the 2nd half only to carelessly turnover the ball repeatedly at the end of regulation.  USC's 76-66 lead finally evaporated at the end of regulation, and by sheer luck didn't lose the game because of some errant free-throws by Hackett and Mayo.  Twice Cal had a shot of winning the game and didn't come through.

Overtime started off with a short lead for Cal at the beginning, but they eventually ran out of gas after a few turnovers and baskets by the Trojans.  USC outlasted the Bears and won it in OT 93-89.

Halftime was a treat.  This season, during halftime, AD Mike Garrett, and former coach Bob Boyd have been inviting former Trojan basketball players back to campus to be recognized for their contributions to USC basketball history.  These halftime segments are called "USC Hoop Heroes."  Tonight, USC invited fan favorite Desmon Farmer to the Galen Center as this game's "USC Hoop Hero".  Desmon was one of my favorite players when he was at USC during the 2001-2004 seasons.  Former Coach Bob Boyd introduced Desmon, and ran on the long list on stats, records, and accolades that he had won and achieved in his time at USC.  Then came the fun part.  Bob handed the microphone to Desmon Farmer and asked him to say a few words to the crowd.

Here is to the best of my recollection what he said:

"I want to thank USC and the Trojan family for asking me to appear here today to recognize my talent on the basketball court.

(Crowd cheers)

"I had a goal.  I had a goal when I came here to USC to make basketball as exciting as football.  As you can see, now that we have this new arena, I have done that.

(Crowd stands up.. still cheering)

"Fight on and continue to beat the bruins... goodnight"

(Crowd loving it, band starts playing Fight On!!)

For those of you that look at these remarks and think "wow, hes an arrogant ass." you obviously do not understand Desmon Farmer.  Desmon was the kind of arrogant athlete that delivered more times than not when he talked trash.  He was hated by opposing teams for his swagger, and loved by USC for it.  I really loved watching Desmon play because he really made all of us feel the fun he was having on the court.

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