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GameDay Open Thread Cal vs. USC

Well the game is not on TV tonight so it will be tough to do an active thread.

SC takes on 9th place Cal tonight at the Galen Center. Cal beat SC early on in Pac 10 play so SC has some revenge on its mind. I really think we need a sweep this weekend to ensure a place in the tournament and if we have a poor showing in the Pac 10 Tournament.

Here are some notes from today's L.A. Times:

One team is in the upper tier of the Pacific 10 Conference and seems bound for the NCAA tournament. The other probably needs to win the conference tournament to reach the field of 65.

Yet, Tim Floyd doesn't see that much difference between the USC and California teams that will play each other tonight at the Galen Center.

"It could be us in their situation," the Trojans coach said of the Golden Bears, who are in ninth place in the Pac-10.

Take away two hard-fought victories over Oregon and another over Arizona, and USC could easily share Cal's 6-10 record in conference play instead of sitting in fourth place with a 9-7 mark.

Even though the Trojans appear to have secured an NCAA tournament invitation, Floyd said he was still using his team's postseason aspirations as a motivator.

Why take the chance? I would agree with coach Floyd that SC needs to guard against being complacent.

So lets hope that SC plays a focused game and keep the turnovers at a minimum.