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Floyd Complains about the Officiating - Will Probably be Suspended

OK, maybe not suspended but you get my point.

It's no secret that the officials in the Pac-10 are some of the worst in all of college sports. Some of the calls, or missed calls, and the lack of competence just boggles the mind. So, after USC had 4 players fouls and had 29 fouls called against them Coach Floyd knew he had to inquire..

Two days after his team was called for a season-high 29 fouls during a loss against Arizona State, USC Coach Tim Floyd on Monday said he had voiced his displeasure with the game officiating to Pacific 10 Conference officials.

"I discussed my concerns today with the pertinent officials -- not the basketball officials," Floyd said. "I can't discuss it with you, but I did what I needed to do."

Four Trojans players fouled out and USC was called for more than twice as many fouls as the Sun Devils, who were assessed 14 fouls during their 80-66 victory at Tempe. Arizona State shot 39 free throws to USC's 11.

The Sun Devils shot 36 free throws during a second half in which they overcame a three-point deficit to build leads as large as 22 points. Arizona State scored 13 consecutive points from the foul line during one stretch.

To me it's simple, as long as Tom Hansen continues to run the Pac-10 with his antiquated ways while holding onto the old traditions this is how it's going to be. There just isn't any consistency in how the games are called and until there is there will be more games like this and sooner or later it will come at a very inopportune time. To me it is a simple as that.