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Bradford Impresses

I have been one of those that has wanted to see more of Allen Bradford on the field. I wasn't completely thrilled when SC had 10 top running backs on the roster last season for the obvious reason that there were going to be disgruntled players. We lost Moody who was not a bad player and you could sense there was probably some more frustration there than ever made it out to the general population.

Last year there were rumors that Bradford was going to transfer, his father met with Coach Carroll to voice his displeasure at his sons lack of playing time. I thought it was inappropriate for Bradford's dad to make that meeting public let alone have it at all but through it all Bradford held firm and stated he would not transfer and to this point he has kept his word.

It may be now that his decision will pay off.

Call it Bradford against the world.

The junior from Colton, who played sparingly at tailback the last two seasons, has relentlessly stiff-armed, high-stepped over and spun through defenders during the Trojans' first two workouts.

"I didn't play like I wanted to play these last two years," Bradford said after Thursday's no-pads practice. "This is my opportunity."

Bradford, a special teams standout, is trying to earn a significant role in a tailback corps that also includes junior Stafon Johnson, sophomores Joe McKnight and C.J. Gable and redshirt freshmen Marc Tyler and Broderick Green. Last season, Bradford carried the ball 15 times for 24 yards and one touchdown.

"He's got some stuff, some chip on his shoulder," running backs coach Todd McNair said. "He put in an awful lot of work in the off-season studying and that has really shown up.... We'll see if he can maintain where he's at."

This is similar to what Stafon Johnson went through before breaking out last season.

Bradford has been somewhat of an unknown. We know he has the talent, as we have seen flashes of it before. How he handled the competition at tailback last season shows that he has character and that he won't quit. But I also remember hearing some similar comments during training camp, could this season be different? I would be great to see him get on the field and show us the full package.

I really hope that he gets the chance to show us what he's got.