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Lazy Sunday Open Thread

Just a couple of things to throw out there on a Sunday.

  • The last two spots of this years NCAA Final Four will be determined today as #2 Texas will take on #1 Memphis in Houston while #1 Kansas takes on #10 Davidson in Detroit. I will check in on occasion but I'm not really interested. Should Texas win it would set up a great rematch with ucla in San Antonio.
  • USC Baseball continues to struggle as they lost their second straight to #1 Arizona State. They have lost four straight and with SC heading to ucla for a 3 game set this week Chad Kreuter needs to step up and get this team motivated. The bruins are struggling as well with 10-9 record so this might the bump we need to get back on track. We are almost halfway through the season and things don't look promising.
  • I noted in the diaries earlier this week that the situation in Tuscon was looking like a soap opera. Well Lute Olson has opened up as to why he sat out the season and why he plans to return this season. I know Kevin O'Neill said he plans on coming back but the question is will there be a place for him?
  • Cal apparently went after Pitt's Jamie Dixon to replace fired hoops coach Ben Braun but Dixon appears to be happy in the steel city and is uninterested in leaving. The real question is would Cal go after Mike Montgomery as AO suggests? Getting good coaches in the Pac-10 will only increase the positive image of the conference so let's hope Cal can get a get someone special.
  • Will Tony Bennett leave Wazzu? Bennett has been getting a lot of good pub with how his team has played but will he look for greener pastures? He seems to be a hot commodity what do you think?
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!