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This is what its all about!

Colin Cowherd once said that blogging is no different than talking to yourself, I can see some truth in that, getting people to participate can be tricky as it's a fine line as to what will make people make that first step and throw up a comment.

I know of no blogger that wasn't thrilled when they actually got their first comment. The interaction showed that someone was paying attention regardless of whether or not they agreed with your post. Its an ego boost and anyone who disagrees is not being truthful as we as human beings crave interaction and want our voice to be heard, that someone took the time to comment validates the bloggers existence. Cowherd said something else I completely agree with; you judge a man's character not when things are going great but when he faces crisis. Calm, cool and collected will always be more respected than lighting ones hair on fire. Whether or not you agree or disagree, how one treats dissenting opinion is judged the same way, blogs take on the personality of both the author and the community, they feed off of one another, and that is to be expected, as it is a weird symbiosis. Sometimes the atmosphere created is good sometimes it's bad.

It takes some time but the benefit of building a loyal community is that no matter how big or how small, you are bound to find someone that you would have something in common with and a relationship grows from there. I have been lucky that CC has afforded me the opportunity to build friendships that have nothing to do with any other aspect of my life other than blogging. Last weekend I had the opportunity to finally meet two people that have had a major impact on my whole blogging life, DC Trojan (Colin) and Peter Bean.

The details are unimportant but the three of us were able to get together for a breakfast Friday before last down in Washington DC. Peter joined me and my family and Colin came a little later, it was a wonderful time getting to finally meet each other and talk about things in general. Peter had a tight schedule and was most gracious in making some time for us on such short notice. On Saturday we met Colin and his family for dinner and it was an absolutely wonderful evening. Of course the wives teased us about how much time we spend on line and such but it was all in good fun, as a great time was had by all.

If I never wrote another word on CC I could say that it was worth it in building these two friendships alone. My respect for Peter is well known as he got me into this and he had faith and patience in me as I struggled to get my sea legs. Colin has been my Rock of Gibraltar in his patience and understanding when either something pisses me off or if I hit a little writer's block. His wit always seems break me out of what ever is bothering me, and his encouragement when I am unsure about which direction to take on some issues always seems to point me in the right direction.

I have been blessed by building other relationships as well with some of our readers and other bloggers. All are very important to me but Colin and Peter are the foundation of what CC is today. I am blessed that they have accepted me as their friend and hope that this first meeting will be one of many as time goes on.

Thanks Guys! The pleasure has been all mine!!


Me, Peter and Colin. What I hope will be the first of many future occasions