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Selection Sunday - Open Thread

So USC is about to head into their 2nd straight NCAA Tournament.

Where will we end up? I think the best we can do is the Mid-West Bracket but I think we will end up in the South Bracket. But I am happy that we are going regardless of whom we play.

I am happy for our guys and wish them the best as they experience this great accomplishment.

Comment as you see fit.

Update [2008-3-16 18:14:27 by Paragon SC]: As expected North Carolina is overall #1 seed.

Memphis is #1 in the South, Houston. UCLA is the #1 in the West, Phoenix. Kansas gets #1 in Midwest, Detroit.

Update [2008-3-16 18:19:9 by Paragon SC]: Georgetown is #2 In the Midwest taking on UMBC...good luck with that.

Update [2008-3-16 18:22:43 by Paragon SC]: USC is a 6th seed in the Mid-west Region playing against Omaha and they will Kansas State...that is going to great game. this will be very tough bracket, if we beat K-State we would surely take on Wisconsin. not an easy road to hoe.

Update [2008-3-16 18:28:8 by Paragon SC]: Memphis has a bit of a tough bracket as well Miss. St. or the Ducks, pick your poison.

Texas gets a #2 seed and could face Miami who has improved.

Stanford gets a #3 seed and could see Marquette or Kentucky. That is a tough Bracket as well.

Update [2008-3-16 18:36:43 by Paragon SC]: ucla will see either BYU or aTm. No problems there. Easy ride for them.

UConn has a bit of a an easy ride.

Duke 1s #2 possible seeing either WVU or Arizona. That will be a good game.

Gotta love UGA getting in...too much.

for the most part these look pretty good.